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What they say...

"St. Thomas Aquinas, taught that Faith is supported by Reason. If we have a intellect, we have to reinforce our beliefs with solid arguments. This group can help one and all to do it. Thank you for accepting me as your friend."

Walter J. Pais
Church Musician, Mumbai

"I found this group very useful. Hope this group will reach the great heights in spreading the spiritual knowledge."

- Sunil D'Souza
Software Professional, Pune

"We really needed a website like this so that by sharing we can strengthen our faith and that of others also."

Jeneview Lasrado

"I have never left a single oppurtunity to grab hold of anything that's related to Catholicism including this very 'Konkani Catholics Group'."

Joannes Rodrigues
Engineering Student, Mangalore

"This website is a glorious opportunity for me to be in touch with so many of our daijis from around the world - either in contributions in writing or reading what you have to say."

Ronald D'Souza
New Zealand

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