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What is Konkani Catholics?

Finally an eGroup for the Konkani speaking Catholic Christian! Konkani Catholics is an eGroup for the entire Catholic Konkani community worldwide, not just Goans or Mangaloreans separately. It is primarily intended to serve the faith and to be a response to the spiritual needs of the Konkani Catholic Christians. All Konkani speaking Catholic Christians of Goa, Mangalore, Udupi, Chikmaglur, Karwar, Mumbai (Bombay), all the places in between and around, indeed those spread to the ends of the world, may join KonkaniCatholics. Its Free!.

**Atlast** it is here!

Highlights of Konkani Catholics

  • Focusses on the Catholic faith of the Konkani people from Goa, Karwar and Mangalore.

  • Strictly an all-Catholics group.

  • Discussions and mails will generally pertain to the Catholic faith.

  • Clergy, Religious, Deacons & Seminarians, Laity, Members of various Organizations, Pious Associations, Movements and Initiatives in the Church encouraged to join.

  • Adheres strictly to Church teachings.
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    From Rome to Home: One site talking about all topics Catholic!

    "I am proud to learn that a Konkani Catholic website exists and am proud to be a member to serve the community to which Christ has called us to proclaim."

    John Rebello, Bahrain.
    Recipient of the Papal Honour
    'Pro Ecclesia Et Pontifice'

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    And here's what you'll enjoy; A one-of-a-kind platform.

    Find answers to faith related questions
    Get information on church events.
    Post a request for prayers
    Meet more people like you.
    Share your faith experience and learn from that of others. 
    Get to know other movements and initiatives in the Church.
    Discover the faith that survived dungeon, fire and sword.
    Live a Christian life rooted in Christ and the Church.

    Counting over 1000 Konkani Catholics Worldwide!

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    (Membership Restricted to Catholics of
    Goan, Karwarean, and Mangalorean origin only)



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    Konkani Catholics Blog

    "St. Thomas Aquinas, taught that Faith is supported by Reason. If we have a intellect, we have to reinforce our beliefs with solid arguments. This group can help one and all to do it. Thank you for accepting me as your friend."

    Walter J. Pais
    Church Musician, Mumbai

    "I found this group very useful. Hope this group will reach the great heights in spreading the spiritual knowledge."

    - Sunil D'Souza
    Software Professional, Pune

    "We really needed a website like this so that by sharing we can strengthen our faith and that of others also."

    Jeneview Lasrado

    "I have never left a single oppurtunity to grab hold of anything that's related to Catholicism including this very 'Konkani Catholics Group'."

    Joannes Rodrigues
    Engineering Student, Mangalore

    "This website is a glorious opportunity for me to be in touch with so many of our daijis from around the world - either in contributions in writing or reading what you have to say."

    Ronald D'Souza
    New Zealand

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